GMC R3 Corona


Box and Bundle

Immediately, the size of the cardboard box is very noticeable as it is much smaller than many other Middle Tower cases in the market. The box itself is a brown generic cuboid with little design thought going into it. The only colour is a blue ring which represents the blue ring light on the front panel of the case. Aside from this and the GMC logo and the quote – ‘Stylish Design & High Performance PC Case’ – the box is very bare.

I was quite concerned about the case, though, as the box looked to have taken quite a battering through its travels as it was a little dented and crumpled.

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However, luckily due to polystyrene covers on the sides of the case, the product was intact and unharmed.

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Slipped loosely inside the box, is a bag of accessories. Among other things, these contain a whole bag of screws for installation purposes and an instruction manual.

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Last modified: August 17, 2011

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