GMC X-7 Review


GMC are a company known for innovative ideas and unique aesthetics – for instance the Bulldozer and Corona. Once again, the Korean company have created a rather unique looking enclosure, named the X-Station. This PC case, like most of GMC’s product range, seems to have a very bold appearance but does it live up to the standards set by their other cases? Only one way to find out.

 About GMC

“GM Corporation Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Seoul, Korea and founded in 1996. The company offers a wide range of PC cases, power supplies, computer peripheral and service to customers worldwide. It is GMC’s mission to be the best provider of the state-of- the-art products in the global market. By offering superior products and complete service, the company seeks to share the enjoyable computer life for worldwide end users.”


  • Gaming PC case (strong cooling system)
  • Easy swap bay (5.25″ and 3.5″ bay)
  • Easy front panel detachment
  • Vast internal space enough for the large graphic card
  •  System check through front LCD indicator
  • Side fan installed (fan controller included)
  • front AC’97 and HD AUDIO
  • front USB port 4 pcs
  • Multi power switch – available for under and up the desk
  • Accessory box included


Form factor

ATX, Micro-ATX

Power supply



425(D) x 420(H) x 190(W)


White, Black, LimeGreen, OceanBlue, Hotpink, Orange, SkyBlue

5.25″ Bay


3.5″ Bay

1 (External), 5 (Internal)

Multi port

USB 2.0 x 4, Sound (Microphone, Earphone) port, HD AUDIO

Cooling system

Front: 120mm cooling fan
Rear: 120mm cooling fan
Side: 80mm cooling fan & PCI Air hole

Expansion Port

7 Slots

Box and Bundle

The GMC X-Station arrives in a relatively standard size cardboard box. The front and rear of the box are exactly the same; they simply list the key features of the enclosure and showcase a large image of the case standing with all its lights beaming.

Click to enlarge

After opening the box up and removing the accessories from inside the GMC X-7, you will find the following:

  • User’s Manual
  • Accessories Box containing:
    • Quick User Manual (leaflet style)
    • Cable Ties
    • Cable Tie Mounts
    • Bios Speaker
    • Card Washers
    • Silver Motherboard Standoffs
    • Gold Fan Screws
    • Green, Pink and Black Assorted Screws

Click to enlarge

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Enclosing the accessories inside a box is a good idea. You’ll be surprised by how many cases do not do this which sometimes results in bits getting lost.

The multi-coloured screws are certainly ‘different’, most cases simply contain screws in the bog-standard black or silver. That said, since the case is black, I’d be surprised if people used anything but the black ones.


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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