GMC R4 Bulldozer


GMC R4 Bulldozer Review


Cases have evolved dramatically in recent times to be so much more than a metal box to keep your rig inside. A whole series of factors determine the quality of a case: strength, cooling, noise, cable management and size to name but a few. However, the aesthetics of PC enclosures are more important than ever with enthusiasts wanting an attractive case with all the gizmos and features available in order to show off at a LAN. The GMC R-4 Bulldozer certainly has a few special features up its sleeve particularly the front panel design. The question though, is whether the case can still be high quality despite all the extra styling? Let’s find out.


  • 92mmm LED FAN
    The red LED fan makes powerful cooling effect and charming outlook with the black chassis body.
  • Multi-port & Button
    you can check the on/off and HDD action through the blue LED around the power button.
    There are some I/O ports, which are audio, microphone and 2 USB ports, Power button, Reset button at the front bottom.
  • ODD Eject lever
    on the right front panel, there is an eject button.
    Simply press the lever down to eject the ODD!
  • Unique ODD tray eject
    R4 Bulldozer has a worldwide patent for the unique ODD tray up/down eject way.
    The way using two spring steel bar, looks like Shock-Absorber of automobile, is evaluated very innovative design.
  • Supports up to the longest graphic card
    R4 Bulldozer look small but technically compact, too. It supports Full-ATX main board, large Power supply and 7 PCI slot. There’s no problem with Geforce 9800 GTX280 or Radeon HD4870 and makes your PC as a high-end Gaming PC!!
  • Detachable HDD bay
    R4 Bulldozer includes a detachable HDD bay for the easy assembly. You can detach the bay by removing 2 screws at the side and attach HDD using the screws included.
  • Air Filter
    An air filter on the front protects the system from the dust coming with cold air.
    The cleaning is easy because it is detachable.


GMC R4 Bulldozer Review


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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