Be Quiet Silent Wings USC 12cm

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Basic black packaging with a cut out window and grey outline giagram with features listed underneath.

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The back details the fan’s specifications as well as some of the included

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With the fan you get some plastic plugs that act as screws, along with rubber washers to reduce vibrations. To help control the fan speed without a controller, you can utilise either of the bundled voltage regulation plugs.

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Cutting down on paper, BeQuiet have printed the two inistallation images on the cardboard packaging itself.

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Last modified: March 7, 2011

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Be Quiet Silent Wings USC 12cm

  1. Chris Sumner says:

    I have 3 of the PWM version of these and they are amazing, not a problem since I bought them over a year ago. Easy to install, nice long black cable with the black mesh covering (not quite sure what the correct name for it is) and have no problem with the noise when used at 50-70% of its speed, however does start to become slightly noticeable when at full speed but that’s only because I sit right next to it. I definitely recommend any of the bequiet fan range to anyone.

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