BeQuiet! Dark Rock Pro C1


Dark Rock Pro C1


Harder, better, faster, stronger and: BIGGER. Today we’re going to look at the BeQuiet! Dark Rock Pro C1. It’s the new flagship cooler from BeQuiet! so it has quite something to proof. To ensure this will happen BeQuiet! introduced this well over 1.5kg (that’s 1550 gram alright) cooler together with it’s smaller sibling, the Dark Rock Advanced C1.

What does BeQuiet say about the Dark Rock?

“The Dark Rock C1 range of coolers is designed for the enthusiastic PC user who expects a great deal from their computer: performance, reliability and a very quiet operation.

The be quiet! Dark Rock PROC1 combines maximum cooling efficiency with a pleasantly quiet operation. With an extremely low noise level, efficient cooling is provided for gaming, multimedia and CAD systems even at maximum processing power. This CPUcooler is enhanced by the high-quality materials used, as well as its attractive design.”


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 133 x 150 x 166mm
  • Total weight: 1550g
  • CPU Wattage Range: 220W
  • Socket compatibility: LGA 775 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366, AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / 754 / 939 / 940
  • Overall noise level @ 900/1250/100% RPM: 12,0 / 19,8 / 25,9dB(A)
  • Fans: 12cm, 1700RPM, 57.2CFM, 4-pin PWM


Last modified: April 26, 2011

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