Tt eSPORTS White-Ra Special Tactics Mousepad


Physical Features

It’s always hard to write about the physical features of a mousepad in any detail, but here goes.

TT eSports White Ra Mouse Mat

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The mousepad is relatively large, spanning 36 by 30 cm. It is of moderate thickness, at 3 mm. It’s enough to provide some padding for your wrist, but not ennough that your mouse feels unnaturally high.

There are several details on the mousepad: In the upper left corner it reads ‘White-Ra’ and underneath that ‘Special Tactics.’ On the upper right is the Tt eSPORTS text logo; on the lower left is their dragon logo. The fourth corner is the most interesting, with a large stylised eagle and White-Ra’s signature. The colours used are red on black, with some white features. The overall look is a favourable one, with enough gamer cred to appeal to the LAN party folk but enough restraint in design to not be embarassing when your girlfriend comes over.

The top of the mat is made of a synthetic material that is a good mix of slickness and texture, designed to make your mouse glide along easily but still track accuracy.

The rear is the opposite story; it’s rubber textured in a fairly typical way in order to provide maximum grip. Given the large size, this results in a rather immovable mousepad.

TT eSports White Ra Mouse Mat

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Last modified: July 25, 2012

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