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HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro review: near-perfect

HyperX’s Pulsefire FPS Pro is the company’s latest and greatest gaming mouse, offering everything a CS:GO, Fortnite or PUBG...

Mice, Peripherals, Reviews

Mice, Peripherals, Reviews

DM3 Mini review: the David of esports-ready gaming mice

Dream Machines are a Polish company that started out building laptops, and have now expanded into producing...

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BenQ Zowie XL2540 240Hz monitor review

Let’s take a closer look at the XL2540 in our full review. Design The XL2540 offers a continued...

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Sound BlasterX P5 review: in-ears for pro gamers

Creative has been a giant in PC gaming since its very inception; its Sound Blaster cards were once synonymous...

Editorial, Gaming

UK government backs ‘Olympics for eSports’ proposals

Competitive gaming has seen huge growth in recent years as tournaments selling out major arenas across the...

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Tt eSPORTS Isurus In-Ear Gaming Headset

Introduction Similar to the recently reviewed Azurues mouse, the Isurus gaming headset is part of the Tt...

Mice, Peripherals

Tt eSPORTS Azurues Optical Gaming Mouse

One of the new peripherals is the "Azurues" optical gaming mouse, a simple, no-frills rodent intended to get...