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Acer Nitro 50 review: a compact 1080p gaming desktop

Acer’s Nitro 50 desktop is designed to offer strong 1080p gaming and productivity performance in a compact, quiet form factor....

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Acer Predator Cestus 500 review: hard on the outside, soft on the inside

Earlier this week we looked at the Predator Aethon 500 mechanical keyboard, and now it’s time to look...

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Predator Aethon 500 review: refined hardware, lacking software, oversized price

The Predator Aethon 500 is a full-size mechanical keyboard with clicky switches, dedicated macro and media...

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Acer Predator Z35P review: oversized impact

The Acer Predator Z35P is a titanic display, a 1440p ultra-wide measuring 35 inches across with all of the...

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Monitors and Projectors, Reviews

Acer Predator Z301CT review

Acer’s Predator lineup includes some of the best gaming monitors around, so we’re excited to test...

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Acer Predator 15 G9-591 review

Most gaming laptops these days are sleek, futuristic machines that signal their gaming prowess through flashy...

Monitors and Projectors, Reviews

Acer XF270HU review: 1440p IPS at 144Hz without breaking the bank

Right now, there’s one choice for gamers with high-end PCs to make: do you want a 4K monitor at 60Hz or...

Desktops, Reviews

Acer Predator G6-710 review: an aggressively powerful gaming PC

Acer is going ham with its latest Predator pro gaming kit, including today’s star: the G6 gaming...

Monitors and Projectors, Reviews

Acer XB270HU review: 1440p + 144Hz + IPS + G-Sync = win

On paper, the Acer XB270HU is gold. It’s an IPS display running at 1440p resolution and 144Hz refresh...

Mobile Accessories, Reviews

Acer Liquid Z220 review: unfortunately a bit dim

Today I’m looking at the Liquid Z220, a budget smartphone from Acer. The phone has low-end...