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BenQ PD3200Q review: a giant 1440p monitor for creatives

Today we’re looking at a designer monitor from BenQ, the PD3200Q. This is a 32-inch monitor with a resolution of 2560×1440, so...

Monitors and Projectors, Reviews

Monitors and Projectors, Reviews

BenQ EW3270ZL eye care monitor review

Today we review BenQ’s latest eye care monitor, the EW3270ZL. This massive 32-inch monitor is aimed at...

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Aorus X7 DT v6 review: the most powerful gaming laptop 2016

The X7 DT v6 is the gem in Aorus’ glittering crown of gaming laptops. It boasts bleeding edge...

Monitors and Projectors, Reviews

Acer XF270HU review: 1440p IPS at 144Hz without breaking the bank

Right now, there’s one choice for gamers with high-end PCs to make: do you want a 4K monitor at 60Hz or...

Monitors and Projectors, Reviews

BenQ GW2765HT review: a solid 1440p IPS monitor for £275

Today we’re taking a look at BenQ’s GW2765HT monitor. This 27-inch monitor isn’t a gaming...

Monitors and Projectors, Reviews

BenQ BL2710PT 1440p monitor review

The BenQ BL2710PT monitor meets this 27-inch 2560x1440 standard, and also includes a long list of ergonomic...