Topre Realforce 105UB


The Tope Realforce is a difficult keyboard to score. It provides an unparalleled typing experience thanks to its unique capacitive switches, but it’s also incredibly expensive – if it was £60 or even £100, I’d recommend it absolutely.

However, it’s not… it’s almost £200. As a value proposition, the Realforce isn’t a competitive option – for the money, you could easily get two or three solid mechanical keyboards. The keyboard doesn’t come loaded with extras either. There are no macro keys, no media keys, no backlighting, no USB or audio pass-through ports. You’re just paying for those unique switches, excellent keycaps and a standard UK layout.

Ultimately, it comes down to how much the typing experience matters to you. If you’re looking for a great gaming keyboard, then the Realforce isn’t ideal. If you want something to write up a few college papers on, then the Realforce’s cost still isn’t justified. If you’re someone that uses a keyboard for hours per day though, whether you’re a programmer, hardcore gamer or writer, then the Topre Realforce makes a lot of sense – that high cost is ameliorated through the years of comfort and performance that the Realforce will provide.

This is the best keyboard that you can buy, but it comes at a premium.



  • excellent typing experience
  • quieter, deeper sound than mechanical keyboards
  • extremely well made and durable
  • n key rollover


  • very high price
  • no gaming specific features awards the Topre Realforce 105UB 7/10 stars

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