Tech21 Patriot review: go ahead, drop it like it’s hot

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Today, I threw my iPhone 6 Plus around my living room. £700 worth of shiny metal and Apple magic, whizzing past the sofa and bouncing off the carpet. Five minutes of careless juggling and a few poor Lebron James impressions later, I was satisfied.

The reason for this madness? I’m looking at the Tech21’s latest iPhone case, the Patriot. The case is designed to be the most protective case that Tech21 have ever made. That’s achieved through a two-piece design, which locks ‘FlexShock’ armour around your phone.


Tech21 are confident that the Patriot can protect your phone from drops of up to 13 feet (or four metres, which is an impressive feat for any case. There’s even an integrated multi-layer, self-healing screen protector to prevent scratches and port covers to seal out moisture and dust.


Of course, in order to achieve that level of protection you’ll be paying a price in size and weight – the case measures 15mm thick and weighs 88 grams. The phone still fit in my (admittedly roomy) jean pockets, and you have the option to use the included heavy-duty holster if you prefer.


Still, Tech21 have done what they can to make your iPhone still look and feel right. The back of the case is partially transparent to make it clear that there’s an iPhone 6 Plus inside somewhere, and the buttons are covered by easy to press caps. There’s also a cutout for the cameras, speakers and front-facing sensors. The home button is covered, but TouchID still works fine.

I can’t see myself using such a heavy case day-to-day, but it makes a lot of sense for occasions where I’m more likely to drop my phone – while traveling, being active outside or just taking a lot of photos. Even though I don’t tend to drop phones often, I appreciate the piece of mind that a good protective case like this provides.

The Tech21 Patriot costs £40, and is available here for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


  • Provides excellent protection from drops and scratches
  • Screen, buttons and camera remain accessible
  • Included holster minimises effect of added bulk
  • Easy and quick to install


  • Adds significant bulk and weight to your iPhone 6 Plus


  • 9 / 10


P.S.: Here are some unboxing photos

If you were curious to see what the box looked like. And because it’s traditional.





Last modified: February 22, 2015

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