Synology Disk Station DS411J NAS

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Just so everyone’s clear, this NAS comes in at £280 or so depending on where you shop; that’s without any storage included. If you want something in the region of 4-8TB, the price at least doubles.

Now this shouldn’t put you off if you want a fantastic network storage device, as it does come packed with enough features to keep the device multi-faceted; it’s not just somewhere to back your files up to. In reality, this is more of a home server in a can. The only real downside is that it costs so much. You certainly get what you pay for, but this one might be a bit much for many.


  • Excellent feature list
  • iTunes, remote security, media server, download station functionality
  • Ability to take large ammounts of storage
  • Accessible from home and away
  • iPod like exterior gives it a modern, professional look


  • Quite expensive
  • Bug in image viewer causes some images not to preview

NB. All files seen in this review are for testing purposes only. They were all summarily deleted after use.


Last modified: April 5, 2011

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