Synology Disk Station DS411J NAS

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The Synology DS411J is quite bland in its styling, but also quite modern. The white front seeming quite iPod like; I could see this sprouting arms and taking part in Wall-E.

Synology DS411J

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The front panel features a large power switch, some vents for cooling purposes and some status lights. One for “status”, another for “LAN” and four for the independant HDDs that can be mounted.

Synology DS411J

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Each of the side panels is flush with the rest of the enclosure. This is neat and professional, not something designed to a appeal to gamers.

The rear has twin 8cm fan mounts to exhaust warm air from the interior, as well as pulling cooler air through the front air vents. Beneath these you have DC power in, ethernet port and twin USB.

Synology DS411J

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The inside has four SATA power and SATA data connectors premounted at the front, allowing you to use one of the included drive trays to simply slot an HDD into place.

Synology DS411J

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Last modified: April 5, 2011

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