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While when it was first released I’d have found it easy to recommend the DS110J, it is starting to show its age a little. No eSATA, no USB 3.0 means you’re stuck with Gigabit network for transferring large or multiples of files and it also doesn’t really do it for me looks wise. That’s probably the last thing anyone should be worrying about, but if you’re buying a network device to add to your current setup or to fit in with your other home electronics, it’s going to stand out.

File transfer speeds wern’t mind blowing, but some of this could be put down to the HDD used hardly being the quickest out there.

The DS110J is a little expensive when bought with storage, but there is an £80 version (this one) that comes without, allowing you to add your own.

The real saving grace for the platform is that you can upgrade to the latest Disk Station software for free and without hastle. It’s an excellent suite of tools turning your NAS into everything from an image viewer to a media server.

This isn’t a bad NAS by any means, it’s got the software features down, but the hardware is certainly getting on a bit.


Great software suite when updated
Setup is easy
Multiple storage options


Comes with the old 2.3 DSM software
Looks a bit “last year”
No USB 3.0
A little expensive for what it is


Last modified: August 24, 2011

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