Startech WiFi 2.5″ enclosure (S2510U2WUKEU)


There are three methods of testing this enclosure, namely its tree advertised modes of connection: USB, WiFi AP, WiFi client.

Testing setup:

Router: a/b/g/n (300Mbit connection)

PC: Connected via Gbit LAN to the router

Laptop: Connected via 130Mbit WLAN to  the router

Startech WiFi enclosure with a 128GB RunCore SSD (>500Mbit write speed)


The testing method is a simple file transfer. The file size is 1GB, so the overall speed equalizes over the transfer period, and is tested in this way.
All tests were performed both on the laptop and PC, to ensure any speeds to be dependent on the WiFi enclosure.


Test results

Be warned: The following results may leave you highly unsatisfied. This happened to me too, so I sought contact with Startech tech. They could not help me out, and I found similar results while looking at other reviews of this product.

In the USB connection setup, the WiFi enclosure was connected directly with a LAN cable to the devices.

USB: Maximum speed: 50MB/s

The USB speeds are fine and as expected.

In the Access Point mode, the WiFi enclosure is a standalone point to which you need to connect with your device, just like connecting to your WiFi network SSID.

AP: Maximum speed: 1.3MB/s (300Mbit connection to the WiFi enclosure, at one meter distance)

The Access Point speed is plain terrible. 1.3MB/s is a ridiculously low speed for a WiFi connection, transferring a file to an SSD.

The client mode is the most preferred mode of this WiFi enclosure, as it connects the device through its software to your WLAN home or office network. You can simply connect to the HDD through the supplied software or by searching out the hard drive in your network explorer.

Client mode: 850KB/s (130Mbit connection to the router on the laptop, and Gbit LAN on PC)

Yes, you are reading this .The Startech WiFi 2.5” SATA enclosure offers a whopping eight hundred and fifty Kilo Bytes per second. If you spell it out like this, it actually looks like it is worth something, but it is not.

In its most favoured mode, it offers less than 8Mbit transferring speed. It is simply terrible and cannot be recommended at all as a worthy product.

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