Scythe FDD and card reader

Scythe FDD and card reader


Any regular reader will know about my hatred for floppy disc drives. This is the one point where Vista will always win over XP, as there is no longer a need to have one of these slow, 1.4mb max. drives in your PC for RAID drivers etc.

I’ve tried to like them in the past, but they just corrupted, snapped in my pocket or just straight up fail. To me, there is no need for one to take up a precious bay in my rig. Fortunately, Scythe have got their thinking caps on and have bundled something that everyone can use with a FDD; a card reader.


When you need a Floppy Drive, you don’t have it! Avoid such situation with this product! A great combination of Floppy Drive & 18-in-1 Card Reader to sit into your 3.5inch bay!


  • 101.6 x 155 x 25.4 mm (WxDxH)

Card Reader:

  • Compact Flash TYPE1/TYPE2/TYPE2-HDD
  • Smart Media/Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO/Duo/PRO Duo
  • SDHC/SD/mini SD/micro SD/MMC/RS-MMC Card
  • MicroDrive/xD/xD Type-M/xD Type-H

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