Samsung 840 250GB and Samsung 840 Pro 256GB vs. OCZ Agility 3 240GB


Test Results


First and foremost, I must note that results like these are partially system-dependant, and will thus differ per particular component setup. That said, you will see that many results are very close to each other. I have highlighted in green the absolute winner per test, but note that the different between some results is negligible.


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On paper, the Samsung 840 Pro should clearly beat it’s later introduced and less well-equipped sibling, the 840. Interestingly enough, AS SSD Benchmark shows otherwise, in absolute numbers. Do note that where the 840 wins in absolute numbers from the 840 Pro, the differences are extremely small, whereas where the 840 Pro performs better than the 840, it does so by quite a margin. Overall considered, the 840 Pro still takes the crown, whereas the OCZ Agility 3 drive seems to have a hard time keeping up at all.

Note: As I was surprised by the low sequential read the Agility drive shows, I reran the test a couple of times, but no different performance was obtained.


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Results are as expected with ATTO’s Disk Bench32, as the 840 Pro disk takes the lead by outperforming all its competitors, with the 840 SSD running up close. The Agility drive has a hard time on the small blocks, but catches up in speed considerably and plays on-par with the other drives at reading larger blocks.


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Write speed is a more variable factor for SSD’s, as loading time is generally determined by read speeds, transferring files is what constitutes the writing performance.  The 840 Pro again takes the lead here, but is closely followed by both the Agility 3 on many occasions. The 840 shows to be less of a beast when it comes to writing performance, even though it slightly outperforms its specifications! This may well be due to the recent firmware update both the 840 and 840 Pro received.


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The PCMark Vantage results are no huge surprise either. The Samsung 840 Pro takes the lead in pretty much every test, only being beaten slightly on two tests by the Agility 3 drive.


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Continuing the 840 Pro’s success spree, the newest Futuremark suite shows no differences, except for that the 840 actually comes very close on occasions to the 840 Pro.

To sum up, there was a total of 40 tests (including the ‘total scores’). This is how the drives performed:

Samsung 840 250GB:  10/40

Samsung 840 Pro 256GB: 23/40

OCZ Agility 3 240GB:  7/40

The Samsung 840 Pro 256GB drive clearly takes the lead here, by performing highest on over half of the total tests. The non-Pro Samsung drive still performs better than the OCZ Agility drive, despite its worse specifications on papers, which it sometimes even outperforms.

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Last modified: January 16, 2013

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