PNY Attache 2GB Ghostbusters Edition


PNY Attaché


As is the natural way of things, especially in the world of technology, progression is the name of the game. Faster, smaller, newer, is what it’s all about. CDs and DVDs were great when they first came out, but as USB drive’s started to increase in size and speed, they’re plug and play ability has made them the medium of choice for transferring data from one PC to another. As a side development, people have started to use them to watch movies on portable media players as USB ports on DVD drives allow for quick plug-n-play movies. Today I have a flash stick from PNY, that comes pre-loaded with a movie, and not just any movie, a favourite of nerds the world over; that’s right, Ghostbusters. So zip up your jump suits, and hook up your proton packs, let’s take this flash drive for a test run.


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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