Plextor M5 Pro SSD


Windows 8 Install Time

Windows 8 takes longer to install than its predecessor, particularly due to its requirement of a long Microsoft password and the tutorial at the beginning. All in all, it took 9 minutes and 5 seconds to install Windows 8 to the M5 Pro, more than double the time it took to install Windows 7 SP1 to the M3 Pro. Still, it’s way faster than a mechanical hard drive!

Windows 8 Boot Time

I feel Boot Racer is a bit broken on Windows 8, so I wouldn’t hold this result in too much regard: I got a time of 23 seconds with the software, but it kept launching the Metro (cough, sorry, Windows 8) start screen and then switching back to the desktop. We’ll update this with a final score when and if Bootracer is updated to play nicely with Windows 8. From my own observation, it seemed about the same speed as the M3 Pro in actuality (which scored 16 seconds).



The M5 Pro overtakes its older brother and shows that the new Marvell controller is indeed capable of some good things. While the 128 GB suffers from diminished write speed compared the M3 Pro, the improved read speed and access times make this a better drive overall. The margin isn’t massive, but it’s certainly there. While we don’t yet know pricing information for the M5 Pro, I’d expect it to be similar to the M3 Pro. If the M3 Pro goes down in price I’d suggest picking up that; otherwise the M5 Pro is a fine choice that rivals anything else on the market today.


  • Excellent read and access time performance
  • Excellent write performance on larger capacities (256 or 512 GB)
  • Competitive five year warranty


  • Not a generational leap in performance, just a small iteration
  • Decreased write performance compared to the previous generation


Last modified: March 6, 2017

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    The double-threat of new memory and a new controller. Bold move, Plextor

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