Moneaul Crystal Pen Drive



Test Rig

Intel Core 2 Duo Q9450 @ 3.2GHZ
Asus P5QL Pro
Super Talent 6400 4GB @ 1200MHZ
Graphics Card
Sapphire 5770 1GB
Mach Xtreme 100GB SSD
Windows 7 Ultimate x64


I know the main test of this hardware was whether it compliments my eyes or not, but I thought I’d throw in a file transfer test for good measure. This involved me running the SisoftSandra detatchable storage benchmark on the drive.

I also ran the test on a 3 year old 4GB OCZ Turbo drive for comparison purposes.

Results are the average of the range given, all are in MB/s.


Moneual Swarovski Jewellery USB Review

While the Turbo was obviously designed as a performance drive and the Moneual drive is more looks focused, ‘s a bit of a poor show that 3 years after the release of the former that this crystal donning flash device performs so much worse.


Pricing wise the Moneual Swarovski device will set you back £30, and an extra £5 for the necklace. In contrast the Turbo can be bought for the same price.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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