Mach Extreme MX-DS 100GB


Gaming & Real World

We also did some gaming and real world tests to see how the synthetic results are reflected under real world test conditions.

Boot Time

This test involved starting a stopwatch as soon as the power button was hit and timing how long until the login screen of Windows 7 appeared.

Time Taken (s)
Mach Extreme MX-DS 100GB
Intel X25-M 80GB
Western Digital Raptor 75GB

The Mach Extreme device managed to beat both the traditional HDD and Intel drive to the punch, nosing ahead of its closest competitor by around 3.3 seconds.

Game Launch

For this test we took two games and using our old pal stopwatch, timed how long it would take for a game to launch (with all intro movies removed) and reach the main menu; starting the stopwatch as the game application was opened.

Time Taken (s)
Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising
Mount and Blade Warband
Mach Extreme MX-DS 100GB
Intel X25-M 80GB
Western Digital Raptor 75GB

While the MX-DS does have the advantage in the launch times over the Intel drive, there really isn’t much in it.



The Mach Extreme Technology MX-DS 100GB isn’t available in the UK yet, but I’m told pricing will be around the $400 mark for the 100GB model. Doing a straight USD to GBP conversion brings this drive out at £260 which makes it about £60 more expensive than the Intel comparison X25-M 80GB; found at most retailers for about £200.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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