Mach Extreme MX-DS 100GB


Sandforce Chip

Demasking your new Mach Extreme SSD is a scarey affair, as you have to cut through warranty stickers.Once you’re in though, it’s pretty unremarkable.

Who’s been drawing on my memory?

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The controller in use on the MX-DS SSD is the Sandforce SF-1222TA3 controller. It’s the second generation of the company’s SF-1200 family of chips, marking this SSD as one aimed at retail consumers, those with enterprise hardware get to play with the SF-1500 controller. This chip offers native TRIM support under Windows 7, self monitoring, analysis and reporting technology, otherwise known as SMART command set, as well as Native Command Queing with a maximum of 32 command slots.

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The memory chips on this are Intel MLC NAND modules.

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For a fantastic run down of all the advantages that the Sandforce controller and MLC chips have to offer, check out the rundown by our pals at BenchmarkReviews.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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