Kingston SSDNow 100 V+ 96GB

Crystal Disk Benchmark

Kingston SSDNow 100 V+ Review

Interesting results here. Even though of course the SSDNow walks all over the Raptor drive, its comparison with the other SSDs is a bit less uniform. It easily trounces all competition in the sequential and 512k write speeds and in the latter test, it also takes the read speed crown. However, when it comes to the 4k and 4kQD32 benchmarks, its write speed significantly lags behind the other SSDs.

Sisoft Sandra

Drive Score (MB/s)
Random Access Time (Micro Settings)
Kingston SSDNow 100 V+ 96gb
Mach Extreme MX-DS 100GB
Intel X25-M 80GB
Western Digital Raptor 75GB

Here the Kingston SSDnow does very well indeed. In the drive score it’s only a few MB/s behind the pack leader Intel, but it takes the undisputed top spot in the random access times, running at almost half the speed of the X-25.

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