Kingston SSDNow 100 V+ 96GB


While I would have been ready to call this a bog standard SSD with middling performance, when you take into consideration the price tag it completely changes what the Kingston SSDNow is. It’s not the boring looking performance drive it appears to be, but a fantastic entry level SSD. Most budget solid state disks are of around 60GB capacity, which isn’t enough for most mainstream users, especially when they cost upwards of £100 anyway. However, what you have here is a near 100GB SSD (96 to be precise) that costs about the same as a mid-level graphics card.

Trust me when I say, upgrading to this over your old HDD will deliver much more real world, noticeable performance gains than trading out your 5 series card for a 6 series. While the SSDNow V+ 100 may not be blowing anyone away with it’s performance, it does what every successful product does, feels a truly useful niche in the market. For £130, you’d be silly not to consider it.

Pros Cons
Good performance, keeps pace with more expensive drives Boring looking
Price is reasonable Performance isn’t consistently strong
Good capacity



Thanks go to Kingston for providing us with this drive.

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