Kingston HyperX 240GB SATA III SSD



So not the most mind blowing of SATA III SSDs, but certainly some strong results throughout. The price is also a little high on this compared to some SATA II units which are now reaching £1 per gigabyte levels; with that in mind, I’d probably recommend a high speed SATA 2 drive as in reality, the real world, noticeable difference between those earlier generations and the new SATA III drives is quite negligiable, even if the benchmarks show otherwise.

However, if you’re looking to splash out a few hundred on a quarter terrabyte SSD, this isn’t the worst one out there, but there are faster alternatives if you’re looking for raw speed.


Good performance
Great bundle
Looks a bit different


Performance not as high as expected (potentially some bottlenecking with motherboard)
Price quite a bit higher than SATA II SSDs


Last modified: October 25, 2011

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Kingston HyperX 240GB SATA III SSD

  1. John Assby says:

    any review that does not clearly state as part of the SSD spec whether a 7 or 9 mm drive is very DEFECTIVE REVIEW.

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