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Ultimately the Disk Genie from iStorage isn’t a bad product. It’s not too quick and it’s not a looker, but its got a large storage facility in a compact device and it’s about as secure as you’re going to get from a portable solution at this price bracket. Speaking of which, it may be a little high for some people, but for anyone that wants some real peace of mind when handling secure information, you could do far worse than this piece of kit.

Secure as hellDoesn’t look that great
Simply to use security protocolsNot particularly fast data transfer
Reasonable storage facility 




Thanks go to iStorage for providing us with this drive.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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iStorage Disk Genie

  1. maggy may says:

    my diskgenie does not respond to the inputting of my password. how do i retrieve the data or re-obtain access to the data stored on the device??

    M may

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