Cyber Snipa Dog Tags



For what they are, the Dog Tags just aren’t worth it. Up to £45 for a very slow USB stick, that comes with a nail file and stumpy screwdrivers? Ok, I admit the torch and bottle opener have their uses, and having them round your neck means they are there the whole time, but apart from that, you don’t get a lot for your money.

If the flash drive was at least relatively quick, then it would seem more worthwhile buying this, but the drive is what people will buy it for, not all the gimmicky extras. If Cyber Snipa can speed things up in that department and get the price down by £10-£15 then I would be more likely to recommend this. Unfortunately as it stands I just can’t, there are many faster and cheaper drives out there; get one of them instead.

Pros Cons
Never be unable to open a beer again Poor write speed
Relatively powerful, compact torch Nail file?
Expensive for what it is



Thanks go to Cyber Snipa for providing us with these Dog Tags.


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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