Cyber Snipa Dog Tags



First test: Flash Drive Speed


Unfortunately the Dog Tag pen drive’s write speed is considerably worse than that of any other drive we have tested. It’s read speed is much better – beating the Lexar – but it’s hardly fantastic. Anyone buying this should be prepared to wait a while for file transfers.

NB. For a real idea of how slow this drive was, it took over 8 minutes to transfer the full 900mb.

Second test: Tool Usefulness

The screwdrivers were largely useless as they were too small to provide any large amount of force, and the awkward shape of the dog tag meant it was constantly getting in the way. The bottle opener proved a bit more useful as I always had one around for when it was beer time. As for the nail file… just, why? What self respecting gamer is going to doing their nails while at their PC, or while transferring files? It seems like a very strange addition to the product. The pliers were a bit usefull as I was able to reattatch a very fiddly 2pin fan header using them. However, using a full sized pair long nose pliers would have been easier. The final tool is the torch which did prove useful for investigating dark PC cases and made it so I didn’t have to fumble around when the office lights went off at the end of the day.

Third test: Cool, or not?

Out of all the people I asked, the main opinion was indifference. Many seemed to just take them as being part of the hardware enthusiast / gamer attire and some didn’t even notice them. Several people said they looked ok, but wouldn’t wear them themselves and a couple said they did look a bit OTT. Very few positive comments on the looks of the product when worn so probably a device best kept under the shirt.


The Dog Tags from Cyber Snipa cost from around £20 for the 512mb version, to between £35 and £45 for the 2gb model. This seems like a lot of money for what is essentially a relatively slow 2gb pen drive with some extra bits tacked on.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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