Corsair Voyager GT 8GB



Corsair Voyager GT 8GB
The activity LED flashes when data is being sent/received

After plugging the GT into the test computer, I noticed that the drive contains some encryption software which allows you to secure your files with AES-256 encryption. The software is called True Crypt. I had a quick look at the software and it looks like a tacked on piece of software, rather than a really good idea.

You have to encrypt your entire drive rather than just a few files, unlike the software found on the Crucial Gizmo! Secure. It’s a little clunky, but once set up it does the trick, but most users are likely to just delete this software and free up the 3mb it uses.

The 8GB space is the usual deal with the actual space of the drive being 7.7GB. This amount of space gives you a lot more freedom to what files you store, and what files you can take with you. The Voyager’s space is a great selling point.

To test the Voyager GT, I’ll be using HD Tach and a mixture of 66 small, medium and large files equalling 900mb to test the speed of transferring varying file sizes from 1KB to 473MB. Read and write scores are calculated from the 900mb random bundle of files, rather than a synthetic benchmark. Read is by copying from the USB drive and write is copying to the USB drive.

All tests were run three times and the results averaged. The drives were used in the same USB port, one after the other to make sure that the port location didn’t affect the results.

Corsair Voyager GT 8GB
Corsair Voyager GT 8GB

As you can see from the results, the Voyager GT dominates the Gizmo! Secure. End of story.

Oddly, HD Tach reports the Gizmo! Secure as the faster of the two drives, but it was quite obvious having to wait three times for the 900mb pack of files to copy that the Voyager GT was MUCH faster. Comparing the GT to the Gizmo! which is already a quick drive really shows the speed that the GT is capable of.

The results of the benchmarking show that the documented speeds, 34MB/s read and 28MB/s write aren’t far from the truth.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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