Akasa UV SATA Cable



SATA cables aren’t the most interesting of products in the computer sector and most motherboard manufacturers bundle them as freebies. However, some SATA cables are said to increase airflow, provide better cable management and offer better transfer speeds, but is any of this true? Well today I have a UV blue Akasa Serial ATA cable for review, so let’s find out.

About Akasa

The Akasa Group of companies was founded in 1997 with offices in Taipei and London. Their management team are all experienced in Electronic and Electro-mechanical product development. They currently have offices in London, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Sao Paulo.


  • Conforms to SATA 2 specification
  • Day Glo blue UV reactive SATA cable
  • 90cm Serial ATA HDD cable
  • Latch connector for positive connection
  • Right angle SATA HDD for easy installation on side installed hard disk drive


Length 60cm
Colour Blue UV
Connector SATA 2 data connector 7-pin
Product Code SATA2-90-BLUV

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