Sandberg USB Surround 5.1 Headset

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Software Suite

Sandberg supplies a software DVD with a standard-looking piece of software to configure several things regarding the sound in- and output and microphone settings.

Sandberg Street Gear 5.1

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At the tab ‘Main Setting’ you can choose the system input, being it a standard MP3 file (2 channels) or a high quality movie with DTS (6 channels) up to games that sometimes have 7.1 (8 channels) support.

The DPS mode allows you to virtually set the speaker positions so the software can regulate the sound that normally comes from the rear speakers to your right.

The Analog output allows you to set the amount of channels you want to use from the headphones.

Sandberg Street Gear 5.1

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The ‘Mixer’ tab sets standard volumes; the same volume for speakers can also be regulated through the physical volume regulator on the cord.

Sandberg Street Gear 5.1

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The ‘Effect’ tab allows to set virtual enviroments, their sizes and manual profiles.

Sandberg Street Gear 5.1

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The next tab allows a few microphone tweaks like echoing and specific settings with loudness.

Sandberg Street Gear 5.1

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The ‘Information’ tab speaks for itself; it’s a direct extraction from the DxDiag information which can also be optioned by running the command DxDiag.

I’m really missing an option to assign a hotkey for quick swapping between speakers and the headset in this software. Windows does not have this build-in as standard and it’s very annoying to switch between speakers and headset manually every time one wishes to to do so.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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