Roccat Kanga mousepad review

Alongside the Khan Pro headset and Kone Aimo mouse, we received a Kanga mousepad with our recent Roccat review unit shipment. Here’s our brief review of the £6 Kanga!

Manufacturer’s Features

  • Wear-tested cloth material
  • Comfortable gaming size
    • 265 x 210 x 2mm
    • 320 x 270 x 2mm
    • 850 x 330 x 2mm
  • Improved axis flow
  • Excellent for any mouse
  • Rubberised backing


The Kanga is a traditional cloth mouse, available in three sizes. Our sample is the medium size, 320 x 270 x 2mm. The black mousepad has a Roccat Kanga logo in the lower right corner. The back is rubberised to ensure its permanence.


We used the Kanga for a few days, testing it for work, slow-paced games like Civilization VI and fast-paced games like Counter-Strike. In general, we found the mousepad relatively comfortable, with its 2mm thickness ensuring there wasn’t a big difference from the desk to the mousepad.

The size was a little small for use at 400 DPI, although this wasn’t an issue in slower-paced games or surfing the web; we only encountered issues turning around rapidly in Counter-Strike and running out of room. We certainly recommend choosing the larger 850 x 330mm model for low DPI players.

Wrapping up

The Kanga is a simple but effective mousepad, on par with other popular choices from other gaming brands. If your other gaming kit is made by Roccat and you want it all to match, or the Kanga is available at a better price than its competition, we’re happy to recommend it.

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