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The best way to test a mousemat is to just use it, so that’s what I’ll do. The mousemat will be used in general computer use, applications such as Photoshop, various types of games and I’ll also look at how comfortable it is to use for longer periods of time and whether the wrist rest makes a difference.

The mouse used in these tests is a Mionix Naos 3200.


I had fun testing this, the mousemat offers very little friction on both sides and it made moving the mouse effortless in comparison to my usual cloth mousemat. The speed side of the mousemat was perfect for fast-paced shooters that required quick reactions using the mouse.

The control side of the mouse was still good at this, though I found it it fared better in games that didn’t require these quick reactions, such as RTS games and online flash games. This side of the mousemat also did well with Photoshop and normal computer use.


The mousemat didn’t present any comfort issues afer extended use but using the gel wrist rest too did make quite a difference, even though using the mousemat without the wrist rest was comfortable enough for extended periods of computer use it just adds that little bit extra and you do notice the difference it makes if you go back to using the mouse without it. It felt like it puts your wrist in a more natural position and after a while I forgot it was even there.

Because it’s got a gel interior, the wrist rest shapes itself as you put your wrist in it, the fabric used also helps. I’ve used a couple of gel wrist rests before but they all felt like they put pressure on my wrist whereas this is perfectly comfortable.


Now, the price. This is the first downfall I’ve encountered with this mat. £36.99 is a lot to pay for a mousemat.

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