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While the gaming chair had quite a few little niggly faults with it, not limited to: a lack of bass, awful angle adjustment, slider labels are hard to read and man is it costly, I can’t help but love it. It’s a big, ballsy gaming chair that gives you a wonderfully comfortable way to sit while playing your games, in a bubble of manic sound and vibrations. Due to it’s cost I can only really recommend it to those that like being the coolest guy around, or those with deep pockets and a love of gimmicky gaming accessories, but with a bit of playing around with the settings you really can enhance your gaming experience.

Keep the volume low enough to experience bass from an external sub woofer, and don’t let the motors become strong enough to vibrate the chair itself, and you will seriously enjoy your time with the Renegade gaming chair, I guarantee it.

Gaming chair = CoolDistinct lack of bass in some situations
Very comfortableSlider positioning is poor
Built in speakers handle mid and high range frequencies very wellSpeakers and motors can be a bit overpowering
Motors add a new level of realismPretty damn expensive



Thanks go to GamingCollection for providing us with this gaming chair.

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Last modified: January 1, 2019

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