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Other Notes

During testing, I made notes on things that either pleased or irked me, that weren’t necessarily related to any game in particular, but are just part of the chair itself.

Plus Points


Throughout all testing I didn’t have one single issue with comfort. It supports your back, head (and/or neck depending on headrest position) perfectly, your arms are well supported and the memory foam-like seat area hugs and cushions your buttons nicely. Not only this though, in terms of viewing height, the Renegade is excellent. This is obviously dependant on where abouts your TV is situated, but for our relatively standard height TV stand, the Renegade puts you at the perfect height to view your TV dead on.

Looks Cool

While this is probably a minor point for most, nothing says geek-chique like a gaming chair. When people say the only gaming chair they’ve ever seen was in the 40 year old virgin , you can tell them you have the new-improved (albeit controllerless but who uses twin joysticks anyway?) version. Plus, dude, it’s a gaming chair, a chair that you game in. Nothing is cooler. Nothing.

Negative Points

Lack of Bass

I know I touched on this, but I really am a bit dumbfounded why a small sub wasn’t included in the chair. Even if it bumped the price up, or they had to reduce the motor count, this is a must as it completes the sound spectrum. The motors do a great job of increasing immersion, but they should never be used as a sub replacement. At low levels they don’t come close to the effect of a heavy woofer, and at high levels it vibrates the chair in such an obvious way that it detracts from what you’re listening too.

LED Overpowering

The green LED that sits next to the switches is just too damn bright. In a darkened room, you cannot read what any of the sliders say because this thing is so bright it literally (ok not literally) blinds you when at close range. The only way to read what any of the sliders do is to cover the LED, so what’s the point in it?

NB. I did try and take a picture of this but it didn’t come out. Just trust me, it’s ridiculous.

Can’t read Slider Labels

Speaking of not being able to read the slider labels, you can’t do that with or without the LED when actually sat in the chair. All of the sliders are situated slightly under where you are sitting, and the labels are written the “right way up” so that if you attempt to read them from a sitting position, it’s almost impossible, as you can’t see half of them anyway, and the rest are upside down. This forces you to leave your gaming chair just to read which button adjusts the volume or the frequency of the motors. Ideally these sliders would be present in the arm of the chair so that we have full control at our fingertips at all times.

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Chair angle Adjustment

This is almost impossible to do once the chair is assembled as the armrest on the right hand side blocks any attempts to do a full turn of the knob. This again forces you to leave the comfort of your chair to twist the knob, but it’s so hard it takes two hands. Now I know I’m a hardware reviewer, so none of you are expecting me to be the Hulk, but I genuinely struggled to turn this. Bare in mind this is even without any human weight on it, when someone’s sat on it, believe me, you’re not moving it.

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I’ll lump this into the Negatives part of the review as it is a little extreme. For the full Renegade experience, you’ll be shelling out £235, and that’s without the £40 extended warranty. I imagine a lot of this cost goes into the motors, but wow that’s an expensive toy. Considering you could buy almost any of the console’s this chair supports for the same money, it really only justifies this as a purchase for the gamer with everything.

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Last modified: January 1, 2019

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