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Rock Band

Renegade Gaming Chair Review

This isn’t usually the kind of game you sit down to play, but you’d be surprised how nice it is to just chill with a beer, in a comfortable chair and play a few rockin’ tunes. The chair does surprisingly well here, considering it’s lack of bass, offering up it’s typical great clarity high and mid range frequencies, which seem to cover most sounds emitted from Rock Band. The only downside is that the motors are completely wasted in this gam
. They occasionally try and compensate for the bass, but they aren’t a good substitute for the real thing so I often found myself turning the motor feature off and just enjoying rockin’ out.

Music Test

Pendulum: In Silico

Renegade Gaming Chair Review

This album, for those that don’t know it, features an enormous variety of noises, sounds, and beats, from atmospheric trance to some heavier rock and drum n’ bass this CD has it all. So perhaps unsurprisingly, the chair was a bit under whelming. Although it handled the high end frequencies perfectly, the lack of bass was unbelievably obvious. The motors attempted to compensate for this missing element, but they fail miserably and although they do add to the music by helping you “feel” it, it can never be a worthy replacement for true, pounding bass.

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Last modified: January 1, 2019

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