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When reviewing a piece of hardware from a relatively unknown – at least in the western market – manufacturer, you go in with no expectations of how good it will be, so it’s always nice when it turns out that you’re quite impressed with it as you know it’s not grounded in an already positive experience with past products. So today I was indeed very pleased with the outcome of the XSpice Croon 750w. It’s performance was good with some nice tight rails (save perhaps the 12v, though that wasn’t too bad) along with some good stability when switching from idle to load states. It was able to handle our relatively hefty test rig, and did so almost noiselessly. Hell, the price isn’t bad either.

The only real let downs with this unit are a few features that it would have been nice to see, like native 8pin PCI-e cables, or perhaps modular cabling, but then that probably would have bumped the price up a little.

Bottom line, if you’re in the market for a new PSU and you fancy something a bit different with everything that the big boys have, make sure to check out the XSpice Croon; it’s a good piece of kit.

Pros Cons
Tight 3.3v and 5v rails 12v rail not the tightest
Stable when moving from idle to load states No modular cabling or native 8pin PCI-e
Braided cables  



Thanks go to XSpice for providing us with this PSU.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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