Tuniq Miniplant 950w

Power supply units

Box and Bundle

The box for the Miniplant is pretty long for a PSU box as they are normally quite squashed and wide. The packing is however, sturdy with a useful carry handle on the top.

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The front design is basically a large photo of the PSU in the background, with a a smaller clearer photo of the Miniplant embossed in front of it.

The rear of the box carries all of the PSU’s many features and yet another photo of the unit.

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On one side of the box there is a very long list of all of the power connectors that are supplied with the Miniplant. The list is very long, you’ll be pleased to hear, as many people have numerous power hungry components such as GFX cards and HDD’s.

Inside the box it is possible to see that the PSU is quite well protected by some large styrofoam padding and the sturdy box.

Also included with the PSU and the attached cabling, are two GFX card power supply adaptors, some cable ties and an installation guide.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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