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Tuniq Miniplant Review


With the need for a steady and stable supply of power to fuel the most power hungry of PCs nowadays, we are starting to see an increasing number of power supplies with high wattages that claim stability and silence as well. One such product is the Tuniq Miniplant, which boasts an impressive 950W of power and was for a time the highest wattage PSU in the 80+ category of standard PS2 sized units. Today I will be taking this one for a spin to see just how efficient and quiet it really is.


  • Highest wattage 80+ Power supply on the market in the standard PS2 Form Factor
  • Standard PS2 :158 x 148 x 90 mm
  • Japanese Ripple Capacitor
  • Conformed with SLI
  • High efficiency 80 plus
  • All kinds of protection circuits (OCP/OVP/SCP/OPP)
  • 13.5cm 2-Ball Bearing Fan
  • Active PFC
  • 3-year warranty


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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