Spire Blackmoon 450w

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Spire BlackMoon Series 450W

The unit is a sleek matt black colour with absolutely no reflection. In my opinion black always looks very professional and you can’t really go wrong with it – no exception here.

The unit is actually quite light and relatively compact so should tuck away quite nicely in most cases.

One thing to point out the start is that the unit is supposed to be very efficient as much as 85% making it very good for the environment which is a bonus.

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A bird’s eye view gives a very clear picture of the fan and internals. The fan is completely transparent and so you can see right into the power supply revealing the two big silver heatsinks along with the circuit boards.

Directly in the centre of the fan there is a Spire logo with a few other bits and pieces but nothing very notable. Finally, protecting the fan and internals, there is a simple back wire grill on top attached with screws in each corner.

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The rear ot the unit has the standard power switch and kettle lead port, with the rest of the side being dominated by a large honeycomb mesh area to allow airflow. From this angle you also get a pretty decent view of all the internals.

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Upon turning the unit around, it is evident that it’s not over-the-top or jam packed with design and style features. Sometimes, it is nice to see a slightly toned back approach; Spire chooses to just have an imprint of their logo along with yet another web address. It would have been nice to see some sort of image or style but at least it’s not plain.   

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The opposite side to this is home to the specification sticker which includes the model number and a series of DC voltages with their correct ampere values.
Please note the big declaration promising to prosecute all those wishing to reproduce the product – sounds ominous.

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Right, on to the cable mass; it’s not actually as big as many non-modular powers supplies and seems to contain just the bare minimum of connectors. Anyway they are all bundled up with an elastic band so let’s see what we have.

Here’s the full list of connections:

  • 1 * 20+4pin (MB)
  • 1 * 4pin 12V (MB)
  • 1 * 6pin PCI Express
  • 2 * SATA
  • 4 * Molex
  • 1 * 4pin FDD

Cable management has been dealt very effectively with black sleeving for the big motherboard cable and lots of small white zip ties on all the other ones.

However, sleeving on all of the cables would have been better as the zip ties don’t completely keep all the cables together as they can come apart in between each tie.

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First up the 24 pin motherboard cable – all seems normal enough with the 4 pin coming attached instead of being apart.

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There is one and only one 6pin PCI Express connector; would have been nice to see a couple more and maybe a 6+2 pin but never mind; this is a low wattage unit.

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Unfortunately for those wishing to use lots of SATA connectors, you’ll need to look at another unit or find some molex to SATA adapters but only 2 are included which is a bit annoying.

Also, there is only a 4-pin motherboard cable and not an 8-pin, so for many enthusiasts with modern motherboards this isn’t going to work for you I’m afraid.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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