Spire Blackmoon 450w

Power supply units

Box and Bundle

The box is quite slick for the BlackMoon Series and entails a ‘flaming eye’ at the bottom – I’m not quite sure what this is supposed to represent; perhaps just some extra style?

Also contained on the front is the PSU complete with lit up purple lights and a full list of features not to mention the company logo, website etc.

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Moving onto the back, it’s a little more toned down but again we have this strange flame streaked across the top. There’s a short blurb about the product and then the whole list of connectors for the three models (450W, 550W and 650W).

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Looking from the side it’s just a condensed version of the front: features and product image.

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Not many accessories going here, just a few that are essential:

  • Power cord
  • Screws
  • Manual

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Please note that the plug on the power cord is a European one; therefore if using in the UK or outside Europe you will need an adapter or alternative power cable.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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