Spire Blackmoon 450w

Spire Blackmoon 450w


With high emphasis on high wattage and the most ‘bang for your buck’ in recent times, is it time we took a step back and looked at much lower wattage units in order to help the environment and become a little greener? Today at XSReviews we have a small, mid priced unit to put to the test, let’s see if it can persuade any of you to swap to a less electricity munching unit.


  • ATX Ver.2.2 Specification Compliant
  • Sleeved cables and EZ-Connectors
  • EMI Shielded VGA/HDD Power Connectors
  • Supports the newest Intel & AMD based systems
  • Cool-Blue LED 120mm DC fan
  • 3 Speed Variable Fan Speed Temp-control
  • Completely Silent 10.0 dBA up to 45C / 113F
  • High Efficiency (85%) up to 30% less power consumption
  • I/O/OVP/OLP and SCP Short Circuit- Overload- & Over current-Protection


  • Application: Pentium Celeron, Athlon64
  • Cables: 20+4pinPCS; 2SATAPCS PCI 6pinPCS; 12V 4pinPCS 2IDE/1FloppyPCS 2IDEPCS
  • Connectors: 20+4pinPCS; SATAPCS PCI 6pinPCS; 12V 4pinPCS IDE 4pinPCS; Floppy 4pinPCS
  • Cooling: 1 x 120mm fan with Blue LED
  • Features: Intel ATX 2.2 Specification Compliant Supports the newest Intel and AMD Micro-Processors I/O Short Circuit & Overload / OVP / OLP / SCP
  • Protection Redundant Cooling System SATA Power Connector
  • Frequency: 50~60 Hz
  • G.W. Weight: 1.89 Kg
  • Hold-up Time: 16 ms (min)
  • MTBF: 100.000 hours
  • Noise Level: 21.0 dB (max)
  • Nom. Power: 450 W
  • P.G. Signal: 100 ms<500 ms
  • Rated Current: 7.0A for 115VAC / 4.0A for 230VAC
  • Safety Approvals: FCC, CE, TUV
  • Voltage: 200~240 Vac / 100~120 Vac (Europe=Passive PFC / USA=Select Switch)
  • Voltage Protection: +12V trip point 13.4V – 15.6V +5V trip point 5.74V – 7.0V +3.3V trip point 3.76V – 4.3V
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty

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