Seventeam V-Force 650w

Power supply units

Seventeam V-Force 650w


Enermax, Corsair, Coolermaster, Thermaltake; all big names in the power supply industry and are known performers. The units from these bigger brand names tend to come at a price but is that price really justified compared to other units especially when we know that many smaller companies produce OEM units for the bigger ones. For example, Seventeam – a unit of who’s we will be looking at today – are the OEM manufacturer for some of Silverstone’s units; for example for the ST-1000. However, they do their own ones also, introducing the Seventeam V-Force Series 650W PSU; let’s take it for a spin.

SevenTeam Comments

After this review was published, Seventeam got in contact with us and would like us to make the following additions:

"What I would say that is perhaps missing is any mention of the actual components inside. We’ve utilised 100% Japanese capacitors from Nippon Chemicon. These do provide better reliability and performance. Also if you look inside the PSU you’ll see we’ve solder running all the way from the bottom through the PCB and on to the legs of the components. Heavier flow soldering delivers a big increase reliability, doing this we’ve seen infant mortality rates hit zero, aka DOA. Because the unit overall is of stronger construction, and with every unit receiving 100% burnin after production we see no DOAs where this is applied."

Seventeam would also like readers to know that they provide a 3 year warranty as standard on all their PSUs.


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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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