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The Sapphire Pure 950W is not so much pure as just plain pure class. The unblemished shiny finish is right on the money and the whole package is immaculately displayed right from the packaging inwards.

In terms of rail stability, it’s one of the best we’ve tested scoring very tight voltages that, especially in the case of the +3.3V rail, are within fractions of the stated voltage. Similarly, the efficiency is first rate with the 80 PLUS silver certification highlighting the impressive nature of the Pure unit in this respect.

Perhaps the one downside is the noise but in truth it’s only marginally louder than other units which are of a lower max power output. The 950W max power in this unit makes it an ideal contender for use with SLI of CrossfireX setups, with the required cables bundled.

Overall, it’s a great unit and although we don’t have any pricing information, it’s likely to be priced at the high end simply due to the great performance. I think Sapphire’s three word description sums the Pure 950W up pretty well – compatibility, stability and quality!

Pros Cons
High quality Marginally noisier than other units
Good rail stability
Efficient – 80 PLUS silver certification



Thanks go to Sapphire for providing us with this PSU.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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Sapphire Pure 950w

  1. ME says:

    If you’re wondering who made it, look no further than ENERMAX. They were specifically assigned the task of making PSUs for Sapphire. That’s why it’s a great unit, the rails are rock solid and the performance is good ..

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