Sapphire Pure 950w

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[Sapphire Pure 950w]

[Sapphire Pure 950w]

Looking at the results on the whole, we must first point out that all the results are well within ATX specifications and most are very close to the stated rail voltage.

In comparison to the other units, the results are probably the pick of the bunch with the voltages consistently very close to ideal. For example, the +3.3V rail is at most 0.02 volts higher than the stated amount which is very impressive indeed.

Similarly, the +5V and +12V rails are very tight too making the Sapphire Pure 950W one of the most stable units through our testing suite.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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Sapphire Pure 950w

  1. ME says:

    If you’re wondering who made it, look no further than ENERMAX. They were specifically assigned the task of making PSUs for Sapphire. That’s why it’s a great unit, the rails are rock solid and the performance is good ..

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