Rasurbo GAP 750w

Power supply units

Rasurbo GAP 750w


Power supplies are neither the most glamorous nor the most exciting part of a computer but they are essential to every rig. In recent times they have developed into being much more than just the power provider and in a time where looks are everything, style is a big factor not to mention noise and most importantly in the credit crunch, pricing. Rasurbo, which I must admit to not having heard of before, have released the GAP GaminX and Quiet PSU Series which hopes to tick all the boxes. We have the 750W unit here today so let’s see how it shapes up.


  • ATX 12V version 2.2
  • Thermally controlled 120mm fan
  • Over voltage, capacity overload and short circuit protection
  • CE certified
  • 24 months warranty


Rasurbo GAP 750w


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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Rasurbo GAP 750w

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