QPower 1050w

Power supply units

Box and Bundle

The box for the QPower 1050w PSU isn’t the most exciting looking, with a small picture of the PSU on a wavy black and red background. There’s also a large centralized fan grill photo. The "e" logo is a sticker covering what my guess is the "Andyson" logo seen in the centre of the fan grill in the main picture. Why? I don’t know. Who are e? No idea, but whoever they are they couldn’t afford new boxes; just a sticker.

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The back of the box features a larger picture of the PSU, with a smaller one of the cabling, and an asterisked "Including AC Cord," aren’t you excited?

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Bundled with the QPower unit is a small bag, and guess what’s inside? Oh yes, it’s 4 case screws.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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