Nesteq Xzero 500w

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Nesteq Xzero 500w Review


Power supplies are often regarded as being fairly mundane and boring and simply the “work horse” of most PC rigs. However, the Xzero unit that we have here today from Nesteq sees a range of new and innovative technology that aims to bring the humble power supply into the modern era where gizmos and gadgets seem to rank highly.

Advanced Silent Mode and a patented cable system are to name but  a few of the features found on the Xzero range but will this emphasis on new technology lead to its downfall in the core performance of its rail stability and efficiency? Let’s take a look…


  • Highly efficient heat pipe cooling
  • Active PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • Up to 89% Efficiency
  • ATX12V Version 2.2
  • EPS12V Version 2.91
  • BTX Version 1.0a
  • +12V Power – Plus Technology
  • Advanced Silent Mode Technology
  • Stack Effect Cooling Solution (SECS)
  • Power Monitoring Panel
  • Enhanced Easy Connecting System
  • Over Power / Voltage / Current / Temperature protection
  • Short Circuit Protection


Nesteq Xzero 500w Review


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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