Nesteq EECS 700w

Nesteq E2CS 700w Review


Over the last few years, a lot more attention has been paid to power supplies, and their ever important role of giving our prized possessions the juice they need to run as pain free as possible. However, not only have companies been tempting our wallets with excellent rail stability and high efficiencies, they’ve also touted the low noise levels of their units. The PSU I have with me today sports a large, slow spinning fan and with near silence being one of it’s main features.  I’ll be interested to see how much it can actually reduce my rig’s noise levels by.


  • EECS – Enhanced Easy Connecting System
    Extended cable parts and HDD/FDD-connectors can be jointed up to the desired length and the required facility.
    4 connector options for expansion or application:
    • 4 Pin HDD connector
    • SATA connector
    • FDD connector
    • Expansion cable
  • ECCD – Ergonomic Cable Connection Design
    The patented cable management system is revolutionary and not yet seen elsewhere in the market!! The cables are positioned out at the same side where the facilities are located. The cables are just close to the facilities, so from now on a user can be free from a nightmarish mess inside his PC case. The ergonomic positioning of the cables makes the cables themselves so neat in nice order that the installation task becomes easier and enjoyable.
  • SFCS – Smart Fan Controlling System
    With FM function, RPM (fan speed) of the embedded 13.5cm silent cooling fan can be monitored by BIOS.
  • SVSS – Smart Voltage Stabilization System
    The output voltage tolerance for CPU and graphic card is kept stable under 3%.


Nesteq E2CS 700w Review

Nesteq E2CS 700w Review

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