Kingwin Mach 1 ABT-520WMA1

Power supply units


Our testing consists of a main PC, and then another two slave PC’s. This is our most extreme testing that we’ve done to a power supply thus far, so if this unit makes it out of the other side, it’ll get my seal of approval.

Mach 1 ABT-520MA1
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Mach 1 ABT-520MA1
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The main PC has everything powered by the Mach 1, and the slave PC’s have everything bar their motherboard being supplied by the Mach 1.

Main PCSlave PC unoSlave PC dos
ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo E6600AMD AM2 X2 3800+Intel Pentium 4 Northwood 3.2Ghz
MotherboardMSI P6N-DiamondAbit AN-M2HDGA-8IPE1000-G R. 4
GPUATI X1900Sapphire 2900XTSapphire X1950 Pro
HDD37GB Raptor
OtherBFG Physx cardAsus Physx card

All of the PC’s were powered up and then left for 30 minutes to allow the rails to stabilise, and then the motherboard reading of the rails was taken, and backed up by a multimeter from a spare (but hard to find) molex connector.

Then the heat was turned up, and all of the machines had to run full screen (1280×1024) RTHDRIBL, the main PC had a instance of S&M running on both cores, an instance of folding@home and the Physx Cloth demo running with the Space bar held down (shoots balls and gives the Physx card something to sweat about). The slave PC uno also had the Physx Cloth demo running.

This setup was left for another 30 minutes and the rails taken with their highest and lowest recorded. If the setup fails then the power supply can’t take the pressure cap’in.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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